Psychic Energy, Soulmates and Twin Flames

Telepathic connection between Divine Soulmates & Twin flames

Soulmates, Twin flames and Twin rays are divine partners.

Twin flames are part of the Soul Collective group. There are many different levels of connections with Soulmates. Because there are many different types, divine souls are sent to us to help us grow and evolve spiritually.

They both can share previous lives with Soulmates and Twin flames.

There will be a sense of knowing and a “déjà vu” feeling when they first meet. They will experience flashbacks and visions that they have never experienced with anyone. This can also happen with Karmic connections as well.

When you understand the differences between spiritual connections from the Soulmate Collective, you will understand that they all serve a different purpose in our life.

Twin flame, Twin soul and Twin ray share unique energy.

Although they are separate, they each can activate each other’s soul center to a higher frequency.

The telepathy between them can make a big impact on the energy within their connection.

This can all be achieved by connecting to your higher self.
When you are in meditation, you were able to connect to your higher self and reach your divine partner. Regardless of the type of Soul connection you share.

Twin flames instantly connect through a telepathic level. They must first be in alignment and awaken.

Their energy is amplified to what is called a higher frequency 5D level.

Twin flames together instantly can feel an incredible surge of energy.

As their souls awaken when they are in total alignment, they can feel one another even when they are apart.

Telepathic communication with your Twin flame?

Not everyone will be able to telepathically communicate at first. This is when they are in alignment and aware of their connection. They must spiritually be in tune with one another.

This can take some time, depending on how spiritually aware they become.

Alignment happens with balancing energy through meditation.

Focus on your higher self with love and always keep yourself open to the inner truth you feel.

Everyone is unique, they can feel one another through visions and hearing messages in many ways.

1. Feeling the energy deeper.

You don’t have to try to tap into your divine partner to connect telepathically. You both will be able to feel each other randomly without realizing it.

When Twin flames are separated, they can feel what the other one is doing. It’s important to know and be careful not to analyze things, as they may be triggering old past wounds.

2. Hearing your voice.

You may find yourself hearing your voice even if they’re nowhere to be in your area. It’s just the telepathic energies that you can actually physically hear the messages directly.
Many times people don’t understand why they’re hearing the voice of their divine partner and wonder if they should talk back. It’s highly recommended that you reciprocate.

3. Seeing your Twin in dreams.

You were able to connect to the dream cycle and many times asked to travel to be together.

Also telepathically communicating in dreams is very common.

Although you may not remember it, you may have a feeling that you did have some type of dream… this was the connection that you were channeling into.

4. Signs, flashes and visions.

There are many different types of signs and they come in random forms. Numbers are the most popular and we see many different ones that come up wondering what do they mean. 111, 1111, 222, 2222, and etc. They can also be feathers, names on license plates, rare songs with words that you can only interpret and many different things that come up that are not explainable.

They may not be completely clear on what they mean but they are signs and represent something that is about to open.

Paying attention is highly recommended, especially to the dreams and messages that come through.

5. Your Twin flame is thinking of you.

This is an amazing power that divine Soulmates have with each other. As they both can feel one another energetically, they can also feel their emotions.

As I’ve mentioned before, because you both are so connected, you may feel emotions out of the blue and for no reason.

This works vice versa and they can also pull your energy down or raise it up through your thoughts. This is all part of telepathy in the consciousness of Twin flame energy.

They are able to feel their other half and spiral down and up.

Mainly because they are both in sync and their souls are as one vibrationally. This is also true for both negative and positive mindsets.

So it is highly recommended that you keep your vibration up as much as possible for divine union.

Divine Soulmates and Twin flames continuously work on themselves even when in a union.

As they work on themselves while in a union, they release and surrender negativities for the spiritual process.

Any times or past wounds and old behavior patterns that still need to heal.

This can bring some energy off-balance and trying to come into alignment together.

This is the main reason why separation is necessary in order for them to work on themselves completely and thoroughly.

Many times, you have past wounds and old behavior patterns that still need to heal.

This can bring the energy off-balance when trying to come into alignment together.

This is the main reason why separation is necessary in order for them to work on themselves, completely and thoroughly.

Often referred to as the Runner & Chaser roles which also can be reversed.

This only means that there’s more work that needs to be done on themselves, together.

Either if it’s physically or separated, they will always continue to work on themselves, until the end of time, and find themselves back to each other.

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Soulmates and Twin Flames

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Psychic Energy, Soulmates and Twin Flames

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Psychic Energy, Soulmates and Twin Flames

Twin flames/Soulmates: working with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio 10/31-11/20/2019

Mercury retrograde is in Scorpio all this time. October 31st – November 20th, 2019.

Also, we do have a 2-week pre and post mercury retrograde.

There are many astrologers that will say to put off any major plans and decisions.

Yes and no.

Mercury retrograde is not something to be afraid of but actually to use it to your advantage. Especially when it has to do in the romance department.

Mercury retrograde can actually bring relationships closer because of the inner truth that they must reveal to each other. Also, we can go through a break up in a relationship when the inner truth is revealed as well.

Mercury retrograde is going into Scorpio for the next few weeks.
This will feel like we are constantly challenged and being tested by the universe.

It’s almost as if we are going through a lie detector test. Scanning through and deep investigating everything on a deeper level.

When it comes to soulmates and twin flame relationships, mercury retrograde can bring an intensity to their spiritual connection.

Spiritual connections such as soulmates and twin flames are the most magical energy parts of mercury retrograde. When divine partners are separated or going through a rocky patch.

This retrograde will give a very nostalgic feeling that actually pulls up memories and thoughts of what the first felt originally with each other, putting away anything that occurred after that may have created any negativity.

During Mercury retrograde, we see a lot of divine unions with Soul Connections including twin flames.

Many times when we are connected through past lives, it will definitely bring a very magical time, especially for twin flames as they can remember their past life situations and look for their other half.

We experience Mercury retrograde 3 to 4 times a year and it lasts typically around three weeks. Every retrograde can be different; some more intense than others.

However, since we are in the Scorpio Sun along with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, this will be a very emotional and spiritual ritual time.

As always it is highly recommended not to get into any deep or intense discussions with love relationships during any time Mercury is in retrograde.

You’ve heard it before, avoid buying any new devices, phones, computers, electronics or any type of device that you have never had before.

If you are needed an upgrade to your phone or need to get a new computer because it’s old or falling apart, even to the point when you need a new car because yours is no longer working or older.

This is ideal to get whatever you need. The same rule follows for signing a contract and getting a new job.

As long as you have worked before on it and you’ve been waiting on this either position to open, you should be fine.

Anything that you’ve been waiting to do, Mercury retrograde can actually work for you.

It’s a good time to finish up the projects and things that have been sitting.

For instance, I always look forward to the retrograde so I can finish up all projects in my home remodeling, and craft projects.

This also circulates positive energy, because you are finishing up and getting rid of clutter. Another big factor to do during retrograde.

Either donate, giveaway or just throw it out. Clean out and just start fresh. This will promote positive energy to enter.

Plus we have another few months before the new year, so it’s a perfect time to prepare and welcome in 2020 which by the way it’s going to be amazing!

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is a time for completion. Especially with all the relationships, any relationship that has unfinished business.

A person from your past might be entering in your present and future. We meet up with a lot of old friends and family, along with people we try to forget… anyone who we haven’t seen in years.
Mercury retrograde is actually a true blessing in disguise for the divine soul collective.

There can be quarrels and disagreements during the retrograde. Minor breakups that can happen usually are not permanent.

Although they can go through a lot of purging and releasing.

Especially with being in a Scorpio Sun and retrograde in Scorpio, a lot of hidden truth will be brought out!

Soul partners such as soulmates and twin flames can reciprocate energy even stronger during the retrograde in Scorpio.

Telepathic communication is heightened because of the psychic energy being stronger.

It’s a perfect time to focus on self-care and to get more in tune with spirituality focusing on yourself, it’s all about what Scorpio energy is spirituality.

Yes sexual energy will be heightened during this retrograde and Scorpio.

This can be very good but it can also be very bad because it can bring out a lot of hidden fears and emotions with sexual energy (if you have them).

Physical activity is also essential during Mercury retrograde and Scorpio.

Make sure you get enough exercise, this will combat any emotional conflict that you may feel.

Physical activity will work with you if you allow it along with meditation and yoga.

Because it’s during the season of Halloween, it’s a wonderful time to get a psychic reading.

The energy is with psychic from both the spiritualist and you, messages and energy will be thrown out into the open.

Hidden truths and all unwanted behavioral patterns.

Meditation is excellent during retrograde and Scorpio, also crystal healing and Reiki.

The energy is powerful and you will feel it!

Just understand that with retrograde, you do have the power of choices.

Focusing on positivity and getting things done is the key to getting through mercury retrograde.

Those who were born under the Sun of Scorpio will be feeling the emotional effects even stronger.

I know because I am a Scorpio!

I’m really looking forward to completing projects and developing more psychic awareness with myself and my clients. This is a time to celebrate Mercury retrograde and welcoming in a new energy.… Read More Twin flames/Soulmates: working with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio 10/31-11/20/2019