Psychic Energy

Recognizing the Psychic Energy

Have you ever known a situation would happened before it actually happened?

Had a vivid dream that predicted the future? Or knew exactly what someone was about to say ? Many people have psychic abilities and are intuitive, but don’t even know it.  You can dramatically improve your psychic energy that will benefit you in your life

1. Recognize the Psychic Signs

A lot of people have absorbed negative experiences in their life.  And when they pick up something spiritual they push it away. There is a deeper level of psychic magnetism that is generated when your energy feels the path you need to take. There is  many people that ignore their psychic instincts and follow wrong route. Remember to listen to the inner voice and trust your gut more often, with time you will listen and understand your spirit guides.

2. Meditation

There are so many different types of meditations and practices around the world, when we meditate we tune into another spiritual source and tapping into our inner spirit.  You need to understand,  you’re not having thoughts and you’re spirit communicates with another universe. There are several field of thoughts in our energy and are always available just like WiFi is with certain people and areas in life.

The most gifted and advanced master psychics are able to block the world and allowing the Divine messages from spirit guides, angels, spirit, loved ones who have crossed over to come through. The key to developing Psychic abilities, is through spiritual meditation to channel through energy.

3. Keep track of Your dreams

When we sleep, we go into a dream state and this is the spiritual plane of existence, this tunes into your subconscious mind along with your spirit and spirituality. When you are dreaming, your mind relaxed allowing you to open a new realm of past life and the spirit realm. Writing down all your dreams will help for finding missing keys in the future, (Read more about Dreams).

There are many people have had experiences with coming into contact with past life and future life selves, angels, spirit guides, loved ones who have passed and ect. This is a time that we can also begin a deeper path into our psychic abilities and gifts.

4. Communicating With Your Spirit

As you develop your psychic abilities, you need to be fully aware of your inner spirit and how she/he helps you in many unique and mysterious ways. It’s ok as crazy as it sounds once you start to speaking with yourself,  you will understand the spiritual sense of energy around you. And you will hear clear messages in the form of a radio channel hearing a voice come through, Which will help you translate messages and understanding them instantly. It’s important to write down any of these messages you are getting.

Understanding Energy and Chakras

There are  7 Chakras and are energy points through out your body, they provide you different ways to absorb psychic energy.  Always Keep your spiritual and physical system clear and healthy is extremely important to your spirit. Staying away from proceed or unhealthy foods it vital to your spirit as it is to your body. Please read my post Chakras and Understanding Chakras.

Detoxing foods out of your system with plenty of fruits and veggies is the first step, (Spiritual weight loss) adding exercise, physical activity or any type of fitness in your daily routine will not only help you lose weight and feel better but help flush out toxins faster, when your body is in in a clear and natural state the mind and spirit will follow and develop further.

Many spiritualists are vegans, vegetarians or eat cleaning I found to really help, changing your lifestyle will not only improve your health for 2015 but help you develop, hear and understand your psychic abilities further.  And being able to understand your psychic energy is the most important factor with developing your psychic awareness and senses.

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